August 8, 2020

What we do to help online business start and grow

by YourOnlineJourney

August 8, 2020

Welcome – we help online business start and grow

From passion projects to value-based organisations, social enterprises, side hustlers and entrepreneurs focused on building scalable businesses.

We celebrate and support those that are working towards financial independence by running an online business.

If you are running an online business your knowledge, insights, and experience are valuable in helping those starting out. Get in touch. to share your story with our audience.

How do we help you start your online business?

Over many years working alongside business owners and watching them in action, we realised that the most important stage is idea to implementation. This is where you are laying foundations for your business. If a business gets this right, their chances of long term sustainability and success are much greater. 

We have learned this through our own experience and through the experiences of others.  Too much time learning and researching with no forward action also doesn’t yield results. Its a blend of both that is important to achieve your goals. “Learn, do, improve” is one of our mantras. It helps break you out of endless learning and encourages you to start putting that learning into practice. Never expect to ‘nail it’ the first time. In fact, you will be in great company if you don’t!

While the lure of an advert promising quick wins and high returns is luring, the path to a sustainable business is well-trodden and winding.

No business owner, successful and sustainable or otherwise would describe it as ‘easy’ but if you get the foundation right, it is worthwhile. 

If you have a business idea or just an aspiration, we are here for you. 

To help you on your journey, we have split our content into two main divisions:

In both of these areas, we explore business models, solutions to common struggle points, tools to help you succeed, case studies, and more.

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