Starting an online business in 2020

Starting an online business in 2020

Starting an online business in 2020 is going to present new opportunities as technology delivers.

There will also be challenges as the Internet gets busier and busier everyday.

Tools such as AI will allow businesses to gain better insights and understanding of their customers and successfully using these to connect with your customers will be more important than ever.

Lead generation will stay a key focus for online business, as will optimising conversions and delivering customer satisfaction so that clients stay with them.

I challenge people to consider reducing the amount of copy and content they put out and focus on quality. Ever clicked on an article only to discover there is 2hrs of reading to get through to get the good stuff? Sigh. Its not that you are unwilling to make the effort… its that time is precious.

So, what do I encourage every business owner to do this year? Keep it powerful, keep it high quality and value their customers time and money.  Finally, ensure customer satisfaction stays high.

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