September 25, 2019

Starting an online business in 2020 presents new opportunities as technology delivers and more people adopt digital practices during Coronavirus.

There are also challenges as the Internet gets busier and busier every day.

Tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) allow businesses to gain better insights and understanding of your customers. This enables you to better connect with your customers and being an early adopter will put you ahead of the curve.

Lead generation will stay a key focus for online business. Use all the tools available to your business for optimising conversions and delivering customer satisfaction so that clients stay with you.

If you aren’t paying attention to creating user-centered experiences and using design-thinking, start.

I challenge people to consider reducing the quantity of content focus on quality.

There are two currencies: time and money. Don’t waste people’s time, they value it highly.

Starting an online business in 2020? If you haven’t already, create a value proposition and use it to focus your time, energy and resources. Be prepared to pivot.

I encourage every business owner to keep it powerful, keep it high quality and value your customers.

Here are two of the most popular ways you can start an online business in 2020:

  • Develop digital information products and content. Think blogging, YouTube, online courses and affiliate marketing.
  • Develop an online store and sell physical products you create, source and/or dropship.

Just getting started? Read our 5 Simple Steps to Starting an Online Business.


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5 Simple Steps to Start an Online Business

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5 simple steps to get your online business started.