The online business creation process

I don’t know about you but for me, the online business creation process is one of the most fun parts of the entire business journey.

Creation happens at many parts of the business journey. Russell Brunson talks about “creating new offers” as the favourite part of his online journey. “Its one of the things that I enjoy most and keeps me excited to wake up each day” Russell says. Russel is the founder of Clickfunnels which is a an online sales and marketing platform so that makes sense. He has connected his passion for sales with a tech platform that is used by many entreprenerurs to setup their sales platform.

Personally, I love the moment where you have a flash of inspiration. You have spitted an opportunity, a potential niche or problem you can solve.

I then do a couple of things…

  1. Quick research: is anyone else doing it and are they doing it well? Is there a potential audience? If the idea still has merit…
  2. Sketch an outline of my idea on paper, fleshing out the details a little bit, the start of a plan.
  3. Start brainstorming names, some people say this is wayyyyy too early, but I like getting a business name and domain registered, an outline done and be ready to test the concept as quickly as possible!
  4. Branding. What can I say, I am a marketer and I know a coherent brand makes you much more memorable… it can also be evolved so I pull sonething together in Canva for the test.
  5. More research into my audience so I know how to connect with them.
  6. Get my social media accounts setup.
  7. Get my website setup ready to test.
  8. Get my email marketing platform setuo.
  9. Develop the products
  10. Create the content and finish off social media, initial email marketing campaigbs and website
  11. Start testing by getting traffic from different a sources to the site to test…
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