August 9, 2020

Your mindset and your online business success are intertwined.

Mindset can be the biggest help and hindrance to your business. 

We look at some of the best mindset resources to help setup your mindset for success.

From motivated and taking massive strides forward, brimming with ideas to insecurity and inner conversations about “who am I to think I can do this?”.

There are many comparable analogies: a rock-climber faced with a seemingly insurmountable section of rockface. Do they give up? Or do they have a good hard conversation with themselves, dig deep and keep going? Every ‘hero’ story in our culture includes our hero facing challenges and overcoming them. Your mindset is key.

Some people are naturals, they have this seemingly inbuilt confidence and never seem to question themselves. For others, more prone to insecurities, your mindset conversation will be a daily ritual that is essential to both your mental and business health.

Entrepreneurial insecurity or ‘imposter syndrome’

Firstly – its okay and often important to have insecurities. If you are not aware of your weaknesses, how will you know what to work on or outsource to an expert? It’s possible to use your insecurities for good. Check out this great video from TED where Mike Cannon-Bookes, founder of Atlassian, talks about his imposter syndrome and using it for good.

Both from my own experience, sharing experiences with fellow business owners and coaching others, here are some of the phrases I have often heard:

  • “I fear that people will discover, I’m not as good as people think I am.”
  • “I have no formal education in business”
  • “I spend a lot of time in high-level meetings trying to keep up with the conversation. Sometimes I “fake it until I make it.” Sometimes I’ll ask for clarification. Sometimes I’ll take notes and look things up later.”

If the inner dialogue wasn’t a big enough challenge, there are always plenty of people that will give advice that inadvertently sets that inner conversation into overdrive. It can be intended in the best of the ways from someone close to your or be from someone completely anonymous in an online forum. It doesn’t matter the source. You need to have the skills, tools and resources to mentally kick the negative thoughts out of your mind and get on with taking big strides forward. The alternative would be that you cost yourself time, energy and potentially allow an innocent comment, or well-intended advice to derail you completely.

  •  Having a business plan and strategy can make a big difference. You’ve done the work, done the research, know the numbers and know what actions you need to take to get there. You are operating from a place of knowledge while they are contributing advice from a less-informed position. Look at that advice critically, consider what (if anything you need to learn from it) and move on.
  • Have a mentor or business coach as your ally. Bounce the advice off them. ‘Park’ the advice until you have your catch-up.
  • Has it highlighted underlying concerns you weren’t aware of? Has the advice hit a nerve for a reason? What is it? Is there something else that might be concerning you and needs a second look? Sometimes advice can bring out deeper worries that you were not aware were there. Consider what action you need to take to remedy the underlying concern, then consider it in the priorities of your overall business plan.
  • Have a circle to turn to. This is why we setup a Facebook Group to allow online business owners to come together and support each other. Constructive conversations and advice from those travelling or who have travelled the same path can help make sense of whether the advice is useful.

Keeping it balanced

Think back to the ‘why’ of starting your business. Was it simply income? I don’t think so. Time and money are the two major currencies of the world. For many people the ‘why’ is actually time. Time to spend with family, time to have more freedom, time and money to give back. A big part of a successful mindset, in my opinion, is to keep everything balanced. The ‘work hard’ mindset isn’t right. In fact it can be dangerous and unhealthy. If you feel you always have to work hard, you won’t give yourself a break, potentially sabotaging your original purpose. Yes, put in the work, but keep it in perspective and balance.

Mindset for online business – resources

Knowing yourself is crucial to your online business journey.

Owning and operating a business is a learning, growing experience. A good mindest will help to ensure its a positive one and give you greater resilience through the challenges. If you have suggestions that we should add to the below list, let us know.

  • Strengthfinder 2.0 a great and affordable tool, to help you get to know your strengths.
  • Screw it Let’s Do It by Richard Branson, this biography shows you how one of the world’s most well-known entrepreneurs got started and how often he came to the end along the journey.
  • Check out Tim Ferris’s podcast and videos on mindset and meditation.
  • Meditation. Seriously. Don’t think this is all wu-wu mumbo jumbo. You want focus, peace of mind, resilience and mental well-being? Then do it. There are various approaches, you can download the Calm or Buddify Apps or you can check out some guided meditations on YouTube. Put time in your calendar EVERY DAY. Start with 5mins if that’s all you can do.
  • Delivering Happiness. This is a great book the learnings from which still resonate with me, many years later.
  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek. Watch the video, read the book, apply it. Whether it is your ‘why’ or the ‘why’ for your customers. This is a strong guiding force to keep you on the path.
  • Your Money or Your Life. If you are working towards Financial Independence, this book by Vicki Robin outlines the 9 steps to transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence. More than just a ‘money book’ it works at a behavioral level on your ‘why’ for getting your financial independence on track.
  • You are a badass by Jen Sincero. I don’t agree with everything in it. But the general viewpoint is that you are a badass and can start living an awesome life. For fans of NLP, intentional living, etc. This is a good book.
  • Writing down the Bones. For the writer’s among us. Writing down the Bones – Natalie Goldberg was recommended by Tim Ferris and encourages you to get out of your own way.

Finally, check out these seven mindsets for success from Forbes.

“Change your mindset, change your life. It sounds so easy, yet many of us tell ourselves it’s too late to change careers or that we don’t have enough time to learn something new. Living with these limiting beliefs creates a self-fulfilling prophecy: we believe we can’t, so we don’t. If we instead lived in terms of “I can” and “I will”, imagine what we could achieve!”



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