October 16, 2021

How to name my online business

by YourOnlineJourney

October 16, 2021

How to name my online business

How to name my online business? Getting this first step right can save you time, energy, money, and frustration.

This is the start of your online business, its exciting. For us the creation phase is the most fun. Its a time of ideas, brainstorming and making things happen. We’ve done it time and time again and it still gets us energised. If you need help. Reach out to us.

This could be your first online business, second or third. Getting this bit right saves a lot of work down the track.

Take 30mins to do this quick check and save yourself from roadblocks that could cost you time, pain and money later!

Brainstorm your business name

To help you brainstorm your business name we have created a free guide to get you started.

Brainstorm your business name.

Business Name Brainstorm

Your business name and your website address

Your website domain is your address on the web: www.yourbusiness.com

It’s also the start of your online brand.

For example, what is Apple’s domain? It’s Apple.com. It features heavily in their marketing. It is key to their brand, along with the Apple logo.

Having a business name and web address that align is critical in today’s digital world.

People will remember your business and easily find you online when you have a simple web address that matches your business name.

Google any business and see how prominent the website address is in Google. This extends to social media also. Look at any Facebook Advert and notice how prominent both the Facebook Page name and also website address is.

Your business name and your social media profiles

If you plan on having a social media presence check you can use your business name there too.

i.e. facebook.com/yourbusiness

or, on instagram @yourbusiness

Checking you can use your business name

The quickest way to check whether your preferred name is available across the web and social media:


Check your name is available to use legally:

If someone else has the legal rights to that name, it’s best to avoid using it. Simply Google ‘How to register a business name” and include your locality (i.e. Australia or United States). Check business registers and trademark registers.

For the Aussies: here’s a link to the Australian Business Register which also steps you through registering your business name.

Once you have a name that works, it’s time to secure your website address.

Register your online business nameSecure your business name and website address

I’ve seen business owners get a long way down the path of starting their business, before checking to see whether they can get the website address. There was pain, confusion, frustration. I wish I could have been there to say this to them at the start:

The web is a busy place. Prime real estate gets snapped up quickly. If you know the business name and website address (domain name) you want to use. Register them!!!!

Head to Siteground.com and register your website address. This secures your website address for your business.

  1. Choose their website hosting startup plan to keep costs low.
  2. Once you have your plan and domain, you will also be able to get your email address: me@mybusiness.com setup.

The price of a website address varies depending on whether you register a .com, .com.au, co.uk, .online, etc. There are cheaper options. Whenever I have gone with a cheap option, it cost me more later in ‘add-ons’ that are free in Siteground. Technical things that should be free and just part of the service become hard and extra $$$. Save yourself the headache.

For your business name, follow the directions of your local government / authority or seek the help of a business advisor.

Create your social profiles to align with your business name

Regardless of which social media channels you might use as part of your marketing. Secure profiles that align with your business name on the most popular social media channels.

This will mean whether you are creating brochures, business cards, online profiles or other marketing collateral it will look something like this:

Website Address: youronlinejourney.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/youronlinejourney

Instagram: Instagram.com/youronlinejourney

YouTube: Youtube.com/youronlineyourney

Another example is:

Website Address: createfocus.com.au

Instagram: Instagram.com/weare_createfocus

You get the idea! 

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

But it is important, so let’s get cracking because this is where the fun begins… this is where your online business starts to be REAL!


Creating your business name, registering your website address, and setting up social media profiles starts to bring your online business to life.

This creation process is our fun zone!

We also understand it can be a challenging zone for some. In this article we’ve talked about a number of different online channels. We live in this space so switching between platforms and getting these setup with branding and looking professional is straightforward to us. If you get stuck, our coaching packages are designed to get you unstuck! Or, our done for you service can help get everything setup while you focus on other elements of your online business.



Business name brainstorm
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