Creating a website for your business

Creating a website for your business.

One of the first steps of starting an online business is creating a website for your business. There is a step before that though, because you will need to know what you plan to call the business.  So, it all starts with a business name. Then a website address. Then getting your website built.

If you are ready to plunge on in, then check out the links below to all the essentials you will need including:

  • Domain name (your website address)
  • Website hosting (if you are building a website on WordPress). We use Siteground and have for years because they have great performance, incredible tech support for when things go wrong and make it really simple to get WordPress setup ready to start building out your website.
  • Shopify (if you want a fully hosted, ecommerce solution)
  • Email hosting with Google Apps or Microsoft Office (so you can have an email address like me@mywebsite) or for a free option, just create a Gmail account.

DIY Creating a website for your business

If you plan to DIY creating website for your business then there will be learning involved. That learning can then help you manage your website later, or it can be time spent that you don’t get back.  The answer to DIY or not to DIY is often based in your budget (which we covered in How much does it cost to start an online business?). It can also be down to your technical ability or ability to learn and pick up new things.  There are certainly a range of platforms that make it simpler these days such as SquareSpace, Wix, WordPress and Shopify but sometimes the costs in different plaforms only become apparent later.  For instance, through apps that you need to purchase to get the functionality you want.

Getting Expert help creating a website for your business

Depending on where you are on the time versus money equation, and also your technical ability, skills and experience – getting expert help can be really sensible.  Especially for creating a website for your business. There is a lot moving parts with a website that really works and while we make it as simple for you as possible in our guides. There is a reality that it just isn’t for everyone and sometimes, strong foundations means getting your website setup by an expert.


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