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Business Name Brainstorm

It's time to brainstorm!! The start of your business journey is exciting - and the naming of your business is a crucial step.   Like any journey, there are some pitfalls  you want to avoid, some shortcuts that can be advantageous and a little bit of local advice can go a long way.  

This guide not only helps you step handily around those pitfalls and help you brainstorm a name, it also gets you to start thinking about your potential customers and how they will find and connect with your business.

Siteground website hosting

Siteground hosting and website setup

We've been using Siteground for many years very happily. It's quality hosting at an affordable price with no hidden surprises and extras.

They make it as simple and easy as possible for anyone to get a website started. 

Siteground website hosting

Looking to start an online shop?

Shopify has earned a lot of respect and a big market share by taking the tech headaches away. They make it simple to get an online store started.


With the right tools and strategies, you can confidently start and grow your business online. 

Email Marketing & Landing Pages

For email marketing we use:

  • Mailchimp (simplest & free)
  • Convertkit (simplest and feature-rich)
  • Active Campaign (feature rich and powerful)


For ecommerce platforms we use:

Website Hosting & Domains

For website hosting and registering domains we use:

Website Platforms

For website platforms such as content management systems / platforms we use:

Social Media Management

To manage our social media accounts and create content we use the platform tools they offer plus:

Monitoring and Management

To monitor website traffice and our search presence:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console 


  • Canva

  • Online Course Platforms

    We're doing the hardwork checking out the various platforms currently. 

    Online Courses 

    We're doing the hardwork checking the various options currently. 

    Sales Funnels

  • Clickfunnels (only for very sales focused) 

  • About Our Resource List

    The plethora of tools and resources available on the internet today is incredible. The ones we have chosen to include above are a highly curated list of tools that we have tried and tested. We don't include anything we have not used in our business, or done ourselves.

    Some of the links allow us to make a small commission for our knowledge, it will not cost you anything additional, its just a little 'thank you' to us for doing some of the research for you. We never include a link that we do not think offers value.

    The reason our list is so short is that we believe focusing your time and energy, especially at the start of your journey is important. As your grow your online business, there is plenty of additional tools and platforms that you may use. Some will be speciality tools for your area such as online reservations in tourism, online bookings for personal training and fitness specialists, online photography sales platforms. The above are foundational tools and resources to get you started.

    If you think we are missing anything essential. Please let us know! 

    The Problem:

    Complete overload of tools, platforms and advice for people starting the online business journey.

    The Solution:

    A curated list of foundation tools and resources to get you started in your online journey. We also offer our 'simple steps' guide and online business creation course FREE to people who want to cut through noise and get started.