August 27, 2020

Super Affiliate Accelerator Program

by YourOnlineJourney

August 27, 2020

The Super Affiliate Accelerator Program is a high-ticket affiliate marketing program plus a sales and marketing course.

The course component focuses on teaching you how to make sales using organic Facebook reach. The affiliate marketing program offers a product you can immediately sell.

What does the Super Affiliate Accelerator Program offer

  • Struggling to grow an audience?
  • Sales and marketing not your strength?
  • Looking to get a more sales and income-focused mindset?

The Super Affiliate Accelerator Program is a high-ticket affiliate marketing program  It’s also a sales and marketing course.

If you have been looking into affiliate marketing and are interested in getting started with no technical skills, this is an option to consider.

If you are struggling with selling your products and services, this course is an online sales program on steroids.

The program is run by Jacob Caris who has had a lot of success in affiliate marketing, having started his journey with Clickfunnels as many affiliate marketers do. One of the benefits of the program is the active mastermind group, full of sales and marketing folk that are ready and willing to support you.

Why would you buy the Super Affiliate Accelerator Program?

The SAA Program is not cheap, its price point is in line with the value it delivers, in my opinion. What value you get out of the program will depend on the work you put in and the action you take.

It is sales-focused and makes no apologies for that. In fact, that was what attracted me to it. Mindset is key in any business. If you are a solopreneur and you don’t have the sales skills and mindset to sell your products or services, you will struggle to get the sales and cashflow you need for your business to succeed.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Program Review

What can you expect from the program? Once you are enrolled you will get access to all the course content and the Facebook Mastermind Group. There’s a fast start process intended to get you started quickly.

Its important to understand a lot of the content focuses around using attraction marketing and growing an audience using your Facebook. If you are not comfortable using your personal Facebook profile, then this method is not for you. They offer content on other methods, also, but this is the core focus, possibly because it works. Its a proven model and there are many success stories in the Program to prove it. So, if online networking through social media is your bag, this will be a natural fit. If that doesn’t feel like you, don’t worry too much as most of the content can be leveraged and applied in a variety of ways.

The focus on mindset and cashflow in the course is a really important aspect. Mindset is so important and its great that it gets a deservedly strong focus, along with taking immediate action.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Hight TIcket Affiliate Marketing Program

High-ticket affiliate marketing is it for you?

Affiliate marketing is a way to hone your digital marketing and sales skills, before you build your own product.

There’s a well-established progression from affiliate marketing (selling someone else’s products) to creating and selling your own product. It doesn’t matter what niche you are interested in, there is an affiliate marketing program.

Essentially many people use affiliate marekting to start selling someone elses’s product and learn how to grow an audience, before putting the time and energy into creating their own.

Who should do this course / program

As Jacob Caris would point out, cashflow is king and KEY to any business. He encourages people to take action immediately to start bringing income into the business so that the business becomes sustainable.  This is all about sales. If you need help on that front and want to invest, it’s a sales course and a sales mastermind course.

Why we signed up

Successful affiliate marketers are master salespeople. They are the sales people that sell to salespeople! So if you want to learn online sales, they are the people to turn to. We signed up for the sales mindset component of the course. We knew we needed to get challenged and pushed out of our comfort zone.

Is it for you?

SAA is not for everyone. For starters, if you aren’t ready to start investing in  your sales mindset and getting your sales on, then this won’t be for you.  We are Australians, so a course and program, run by Aussies with the naturally laid-back, friendly atmosphere of an aussie barbecue, was attractive.

Ready to learn more? Check out the Super Affiliate Accelerator Program here.

What did we get out of the program

We wanted to get pushed out of our comfort zone and learn some new techniques for online sales.  Our expertise is marketing. Ask us about Search Engine Optimisation, copy-writing, getting your website setup, marketing automation, social media marketing… that’s our bag. Sales is an area that feels uncomfortable to us. It’s always got that slight ‘ick’ factor and we know we need to get over it. That’s mindset. So, developing that sales mindset was a key factor for us.

What about tangible results? At the time of writing this, we are are still learning and digesting. Jacob and Jamie would hate us writing that, because they want you to take action immediately, so you see results. Sorry guys! I know that for me, letting the content percolate for a little while will allow us to implement it in our style. We love the attraction marketing approach and making sure you are creating content and value to align with your audience. That’s key to their approach. We 100% agree with this. So the percolation stage for us is important to ensure we are delivering value to you, our audience!

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