How to create an email newsletter

How to create an email newsletter

Once you have setup your online business you will want to know how to create an email newsletter.

Creating an email newsletter is important for a number of reasons.

  1. Stay in touch with existing customers
  2. Reach out to new leads and potential customers to convert them to customers
  3. Increase traffic to your website, which is great for Google rankings

Social media, online advertising, offline advertising, event marketing and the many other ways its possible to market your business online  and many businesses forget about the power of email as a marketing channel.

But email has stayed and prevailed.  Results have shown that consumer behaviour includes regularly checking emails.

If you love to travel, an email newsletter in your inbox announcing airfare sales will draw you to the website to check for options, opportunities and start you planning your next holiday.  You might not book right then, or you might, but you have definitely been reminded of the company, their services and the opportunity they provide.

If you’re still not sure about investing the time and effort into setting up and regularly crafting an email newsletter, then you might be surprised its very easy and in our Business Creation Toolkit we can show you how to create an email newsletter in just 10 ninutes.

Once you have started you will find it is actually VERY quickly something you can establish into your regular routine to promote your business. You will also find that setting it up to be as effective as possible is the next step you will want to take.

How to Create an Email Newsletter – step by step:

You can create an email newsletter simply by writing some text, copy and pasting it into an email and hitting send.

BUT there are anti-spam laws and some tips that can help you create an effective email newsletter that is scalable. For starters, if you send (even using BCC) to lots of people at once, you can quickly find yourself in the ‘spam’ folder of the people that you want to read your email (and no one reads their spam!).  If you have time to send your email newsletter to each person individually, that’s great… but you will quickly want a scalable option that frees up your time – that’s were email newsletter platforms come in.

Step 1) Choose an email newsletter platform

Popular options that we have tried and like include:

  • Active Campaign
  • Mailchimp
  • Convertkit

Each of them come into their own strengths at different times. If you are looking for a full-fledge sales platform powerhouse that will incorporate everything (Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Customer Database, Sales Optimisation etc.) then Clickfunnels is also an option – it does have a premium price tag though.

All these platforms have a lot of resources to help you get started.

In our Business Creation Toolkit we show you step by step how we get our email newsletters established and working.



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