Digital Clarity Sessions

Digital confusion? Get clarity. 

Our Digital Clarity sessions help you get answers to your most pressing digital, website and marketing automation questions.

For over a decade we have been helping individuals, business and organisations of all sizes solve their digital, website and content challenges, taking a solutions-focused approach.

A one-off session for ongoing success.

90-minutes of clear and concise advice.

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Let's get some clarity happening for your next steps in digital!

During this 90-minute Digital Clarity Session with our Strategist, you'll work through the overwhelm and walk away with a clear list of next steps to take.

Digital Clarity Session Fee of $299 + GST is payable at the time of booking.

Limited number of sessions available.

Why a Digital Clarity Session?

If you are here you:

  • Know you need help 
  • Have probably either worked with us or been recommended to us.
  • Understand that expert advice can help get to the right solution quicker, avoid expensive delays and unnecessary costs.
  • Want to leverage digital in your organisation or business.
  • Want to start or continue your digital journey with clarity and confidence.

You may need one session to get you on your way or an ongoing relationship to build momentum.

Our ultimate goal is to get you up and running on your own. Whether that is doing it yourself or outsourcing to an agency. We’ll guide you to the best solution based on your circumstances.

We’ve never heard an online expert say “you don’t need any of that, just use XXXXXXX”. They make money by selling you courses, platforms or referrring you to the people that sell them.

How valuable is it NOT to waste your time and money:

  • learning things that won’t serve you and your business?
  • implementing platforms and tools you don't need?

What could you do with that time and money instead?

Let our strategist help you get personalised advice and clarity for your business, products and audience.

What You’ll Get During the Digital Clarity Sessions

It’s easy to put together lots of pretty words to tell you how valuable these sessions are and what you get, ultimately they are tailored to what you need.

Our time together is 1.5hrs.

Before the session we will send you a brief, so that you can let us know more about the current challenges you are facing and the outcomes you want.

We’ll use the material your provide to prepare before the session.

For those that want more detail, its provided below.

What’s included in the session?

We will go through digital strategy, best practices, optimising your content, digital platforms and trends - as they appy to your situation.

We will take an objective look at where you are at so that your valuable effort and resources are placed in the right direction.

If you need tech support, or to outsource some of the work we will help you reach out through the right channels and guide you in developing the right brief so your money is spent wisely.

Book your first session to start the relationship and if you’d like on-going coaching or consulting then we’ll chat about what that looks like at the end of our call.

From tech tangle to best practice.

Working with a strategist who has experience across a range of platforms, channels and industries can help you shortcut the learning curve and get you implementing faster.

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