Let us help you start and grow your business online.

Have a business idea and not sure where to start?

Get greater clarity and definition around your business idea and make it a reality with our Business Focus Workbook - step by step we take you through defining you business, setting goals, working out who your audience is and how to get started.

Ready to get your business started online?

Follow our step by step process that we have used for years to get clients businesses setup and established online.  Our Business Creation Toolkit gives you all the tools and resources you need to get started and avoid expensive pitfalls.

Want to grow your online business?

Ready to grow your business, we take you through some of the latest, cutting edge tactics being used by savvy businesses to grow their online presence and generate more leads.


Create strong foundations for your online business

Get your business started online with strong foundations.


Building a brand and online presence

Build a brand and online business that resonates with your audience.  Our step by step process shows you how to connect with your target market.


Learn what tools and platforms to use .

There are thousands of online tools and platforms, all with very slick sales pitches, avoid spending hard earned money and time on the wrong platforms. We have invested the time, money and years of research so that you don't have to.

​Customer stories

When YOJ first helped take my business online they connected me with the tools and platforms that allowed me to run my business smarter.

Its amazing, when you work with someone that knows the tools of the trade how much time and money you save.

I wasn't sure where to start. Following a step by step process got me online quickly and ready to start connecting with my customers.  There are lots of ways to start a business online, getting a process from an experienced professional gave me a great headstart.

Thanks to YOJ I was able to get my business from idea to reality.  The step by step  process was easy to follow and the tools simple to use. It also saved me money I would have spent on more expensive platforms without realising the options.

Ready to turn your idea into a reality?

Get your online business started today with our Business Creation Toolkit.

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